Optimize your Google Shopping campaigns according to ROI and Profit/Loss data

Panda ppc micro management service helps to create report with ROI and Profit data of each product.

Google Ads + Merchant + Margin =
SKU-level reporting with ROI and Profit

Useful features of Panda

  • Upload Margin

    Uploading margin by each product or category build Profit and Loss report

  • Automatically calculate your Target CPC

    Automatically calculate your Target CPC with using your investment rate.
    Target CPC = item price * margin * conv. rate * invest. rate

  • Previous Reporting

    Made optimization using ROAS? Check your historical data and identify efficiency of your previous Google Shopping.

  • Recommendations

    Panda software gives recommendations on what you need to do with each product according your interests in ROI and Profit.

  • Quick dashboarding

    Quickly get information about the current campaign status.

How does it work?

Add a New Project

Link your Google Ads and Merchant Account

Choose Report Type

Choose Campaign

Add Margin to Report

Achieve bid suggestions

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В версии 2.3.1

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В версии 2.2.0

  • Добавлена поддержка "Google Keyword Planner"
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Несколько шагов до работы в Penguin

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