NegativeKeywords tool

(A tool for easy collection of negative keywords)

The extension of the NegativeKeywords tool allows you to quickly and easily it is convenient to collect negative keywords in the services:

How it works?

Click on a word in a phrase adds it to the negative keyword list, which you can copy and download into the ad campaign.

Technical realization

Implemented as an extension for Google Chrome

FREE Download

Who will benefit from this service:

ppc-specialists (100%);

digital marketers (10%);

On average, about 10% of effective working time the ppc-specialist spends on analyzing search queries and adding negative keywords to the advertising campaign, this tool allows to speed up this process. Using this extension, you can at least 2 times faster to do the work of adding negative keywords to your AdWords or Bing account. If you consider that an average of 120 hours of effective working time per month, then this application can save:

(Working time * % of processing costs of adding negative keywords) * (% acceleration of work).
(120 * 10%) * 50% = 6 hours.

Profit for ppc specialist is to SAVE 6-8 hours per month.

Instruction how to use:

You need to install the application in Google Chrome;

Open any of the sites in which the extension works: AdWords, Bing Ads, Serpstat

Click "Magnifying glass" (LeftAlt + S).
Collect negative keywords:
* LeftClick - 1 words;
* Alt + LeftClick add a phrase.

Add negative keywords to right campaign.

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В версии 2.3.1

  • Восстановлена работа в Bing Ads

В версии 2.2.0

  • Добавлена поддержка "Google Keyword Planner"
  • Используйте "LeftALT + S" для поиска слов
  • "Показать/скрыть" теперь полностью скрывает расширение с экрана

Основные комбинации

  • LeftMouseClick для добавления слова, повторное нажатие - для удаления
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - для сбора фраз
  • LeftALT + S - для поиска слов