PPC agency Penguin-team

Since 2013 we provide ppc-services for different clients. Our main focus is Google Shopping Management. To be successful in it we develop our own software and use best world practice.

Our advantages

4+ years SMB support expertize

Since 2013 Penguin-team optimize Google Ad campaigns and know challenges, restrictions, opportunities which small and medium companies face

Since 2017 Premier Google Partner

Premier Google Partner status that shows responsibility and quality of the agency

Own SoftWare

We developed Panda ppc micro-management service which helps to set up bids according to ROI and Profit by each SKU

Flexibility to customers

We always try to build a working process in such a way so that will be convenient for the client

Our team

We are inspired by our colleagues and competitors - other IT and marketing companies which by their example show that it is possible and necessary to create product-oriented businesses which show by their own example, develop it and change the current situation for the better. And for our part, we are ready to make every effort to participate in these changes and contribute to a successful future!

Contact our managers

Nick Skoropadsky

Nick Skoropadsky

Founder. Product Manager

In 2011, as a student of marketing, he began to work for a classic advertising agency. He worked as a btl-manager with local and international brands. Since 2013, he has moved to the field of Internet marketing and started working as a freelancer. That time he began to collect his future (forward) team. Since 2017, he has been working with the key clients of the agency and has been managing the company's products.

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Denis Berezkin

Denis Berezkin

Partner. Project Manager

In 2015, he started to work in the company as a Manager in the development department, which was at the creation stage. Having proved himself, 7 months later he headed this direction. For 3 years of work, he built a team capable of creating high-quality web projects. Currently focusing on building expertise in subscribe and SaaS projects development.

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Ruslan Bakirov

Ruslan Bakirov

Account manager

Before joining the Penguin-team, he had been working in the marketing department of large E-commerce for almost 10 years. Was engaged in various areas of offline marketing. In the company since August 2016. During this time, he has reduced the number of clients who refused the agency services and increased the rate of receiving contracts from incoming calls.

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Julia Kovalevska

Julia Kovalevska

Account manager

She became a member of the Penguin-team in 2017. Since then, the first ppc-team hasn’t known sleep and rest, vacations and weekends under a hail of new interesting projects, which mostly grew into stable and long-term relationships. Communicating with clients, she has almost forgotten her native language, lost in the space of different time zones, but continues to make dozens of clients, colleagues and chiefs happy.

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В версии 3.0.0

  • новые сервисы: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu и другие;
  • автосохранение списка минус-слов в рабочей области;
  • авторизация для хранения данных в аккаунте;
  • списки типовых минус-слов;
  • возможность хранить пользовательские списки минус-слова в расширении для дальнейшего применения в аккаунте;
  • англоязычный и русскоязычный интерфейс.

Основные комбинации

  • LeftMouseClick для добавления слова, повторное нажатие - для удаления
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - для сбора фраз
  • LeftALT + S - для поиска слов

In version 3.0.0

  • new services: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu and others;
  • autosave of a negative keywords list in the workspace;
  • authorization for storing data in the account;
  • generic negative keyword lists;
  • the ability to store custom lists of negative keywords in the extension for further use in your account;
  • English and Russian interface.

Key combinations

  • LeftMouseClick to add a word, press again - to delete
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - to collect phrases
  • LeftALT + S - for words searching

В версии 2.0

  • 2 режима выдачи ключевых слов:
  • быстрая выдача - аналогична выдаче Google Planner, но найденные результаты включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы;
  • полная выдача - расширенная выдача, которая включает поиск по дополнительным релевантным фразам, но найденные результаты также включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы.
  • Обновленный файл выгрузки ключевых слов Excel:
  • выгрузка локаций в удобном формате для загрузки в Editor;
  • обновленный шаблон для создания объявлений.
  • Полный список локаций.
  • Группировка отчетов по проектам.
  • Устранена ошибка с задержкой в 30 секунд.
  • Новые фильтры для получения релевантной выдачи.
  • Копирование минус-слов.

In version 2.0:

  • 2 modes of keywords search result:
  • quick search result - is similar to one of Google Planner , but the results found include every word of the phrase entered in the search;
  • full search result - extended search result that includes search on additional relevant phrases, but the results found also include every word of the phrase entered in the search.
  • Updated Exces Keyword Upload File:
  • uploading of locations in a convenient format for uploading to Editor;
  • updated template for creating ads.
  • Full list of locations.
  • Grouping of reports on the projects.
  • Fixed an error with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • New filters for getting relevant search results.
  • Copying of negative keywords.

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