ROI and Profit oriented Google Shopping Management

Request free ROI and Profit Analysis of your Google Shopping Campaigns. Will help to determine how Penguin-team can improve and scale your Google Ads account.

Professional Google Shopping Management

Penguin-team offers to clients Professional Google Shopping Management which includes:

  • 1

    Product feed setup/optimization

    improving of titles, descriptions and other things which help show right product ads

  • 2

    Google Shopping Campaigns setup/optimization

    making of right structure which represents company needs and gives high potential to scale and management

  • 3

    Bids micro-management

    using own software Panda, ppc-specialists can manage bids according to their performance in ROI and Profit

  • 4

    Search terms and Negative keywords optimization

    using own software “NegativeKeywords tool” and Google Ads Scripts - specialists manage search terms and negative keywords effectively

Also we help clients to scale their Shopping Performance using all possibilities

  • Dynamic Remarketing

    (After PLA, Dynamic Remarketing drives transactions to store)

  • Product Search Campaigns

    (product search ads, still can give more transactions)

  • Add Bing Shopping Campaigns

    (sometimes Bing can give +10-20% to revenue)

  • Behavior Remarketing

    (helps to build relations with users and push them in the buyer funnel steps of the store)

  • Add DSA

    (adding Dynamic Search Ads, store can achieve more traffic and transactions)

Why do we give great results to our clients?

Our main feature is ROI and Profit oriented bid micro-management

We often see that many advertisers use ROAS as a main metric to measure success of Shopping campaigns and manage bids according to this metric. But according to our experience, managing bids in that way can give non-obvious bad results.

For Example:

Let’s imagine a situation that we have a product (New Balance trainers) in our campaign with the following data:

Clicks CPC, $ Transactions Cost, $ Revenue, $ ROAS
79 1.34 5 106 225 212%

At first glance, the result doesn’t look bad and Google gives us advice to increase bid to $1.7 because our performance looks good and many advertizes do that.

But if we add product margin to this data, we get other results:

Clicks CPC, $ Transactions Cost, $ Revenue, $ Margin ROAS Profit, $ ROI
79 1.34 5 106 225 35% 212% -27.25 -26%

So if advertiser continues to increase bids, it will cost more losses. The right way to set an effective bid is to use this formula:

Target CPC = item price * margin * conv. rate * invest. rate (% of investment which is set by advertiser from 1% to 100%), for New Balance shoes target cpc will be:

Target CPC = $45 * 35% * 6.3% * 75% = $0.74

So if advertiser sets up this bid, performance will be the following:

Clicks CPC, $ Transactions Cost, $ Revenue, $ Margin ROAS Profit, $ ROI
79 0.74 5 58.46 225 35% 384% 20.29 34.6%

According to new data advertiser achieves positive ROI and Profit.

In many cases bids optimization in that way gives better outcomes than doing it according to ROAS and Google advice.

This approach requires detailed processing of each product and takes a lot of time, we call this process ppc micro-management. For these needs we developed Panda tool which helps to do it quicker and each our client has right bids.

Our cases

Google Shopping case: baby care products store (NDA)

Google Shopping case: Hardware Shop To You

Google Shopping case: medical equipment store (NDA)


before our work 15.08.18-15.10.2018 our work 16.10.18 - 16.12.2018
ROAS 294% 546%
Conversions 204 146
32% 153%
Net. Profit
$1,706.48 $2,900.71


before our work no previous data our work 01.10.18 - 30.11.2018
ROAS - 393%
Conversions - 59
- 61%
Net. Profit
- A$793


before our work 10.01.2017-12.31.2017 our work 05.01.2018 - 07.30.2018
ROAS 147% 361%
Conversions 1.600 2.353
-31% +54%
Net. Profit
-$6,782 +$8,705

Since 2017, Penguin-team is a Premier Google Partner Agency which helps advertisers improve their performance in Search and Display network.

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