Google Ads & Facebook Ads
Creation and Management

We help businesses to maximize their profits from Google Ads and Facebook Ads for the last 6 years. Through automation and optimization. Locally and globally.

How Will We Help You to Grow Your Business?

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    Technical and marketing analysis of the account helps us to know where do we stand and plot the route to the point..

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    Efficient strategies.

    We develop unique and progressive advertising strategies to save resources and maximize your results.

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    Traffic filtering.

    Certain account and campaign structures will bring you the users only with the highest intent to convert.

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    Ads copywriting.

    We write and test various ads to attract the target audience that will not only enter your website but also convert into real sales.

  • 5

    Landing page optimization.

    We help to formulate the obstacles and control page optimization to improve UI and increase the conversion rate (CRO).

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    Google automation tools and unique scripts developed by our team make management more effortless.

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    Custom reports.

    Monthly detailed reports with basic metrics + weekly updates on demand..

Monthly detailed reports with basic metrics + weekly updates on demand.

  • Personal manager and specialist.

    Your advertising account will be managed by one permanent team; if necessary, you can communicate directly with a specialist.

  • Hourly payment.

    You pay only for the actual working hours.

  • Technical team.

    You can request almost any unique automation. We develop our own scripts and tools.

  • Business-oriented.

    We focus on improving business metrics: ROAS, profit (e-commerce), the number of applications (corporate websites).

  • Result and scaling.

    Even after achieving a positive result, we are looking for a way to scale and consolidate it. Because perfection has no limit!

When Are We Most Useful?


You are engaged in marketing comprehensively, so you don't have enough time to set up and manage online advertising.


You want to check your current contractor's work and the performance of existing campaigns.


Your in-house specialist or team doesn't have enough ideas and insights to scale the account.


You are the business owner and want to free yourself up for solving strategic tasks.

What Helps Us to Achieve Your Goals?

  • Worldwide experience.

    Specialists run projects from all over the world (USA, Canada, Europe, CIS) and cooperate with large USA agencies.

  • Specialization in paid advertising.

    25+ agency's specialists deal only with paid advertising — not SEO, not design, not anything else.

  • Automation.

    Our customers pay for intellectual work, so we automate bidding and other routine tasks using Google Ads tools and our developments:

Hub of PPC Tools

Panda Software

Google Ads Scripts

How Do We Create and Optimize Advertisement?

Search Campaigns With Target Traffic

What for? To bring to the website users who already look for your products and services

What do we do? SKAg and thematic ad groups granulation for maximum quality and compliance with Google Search

Copywriting Techniques

What for? To achieve high CTR and filter the audience

What do we do? Classy marketing techniques (AIDA, ODC and others) and dynamic insertion of text, prices and other parameters

Audience segmentation on the GDN and Facebook

What for? To find the best audiences for investments in each channel

What do we do? We segment the audience, test different channels and sources, and look for the most effective targeting settings

Analysis and Strategy

What for? To make data-driven decisions

What do we do? We evaluate the account performance, test hypotheses, and implement the best solutions. Our work is based on PDCA (Deming/Shewhart cycle): Strategic planning → Implementation → Check and analysis → Actions based on insights

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