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Choose the type of match — make it clear to Ads, for what queries you need to show ads. Depending on the type of matching, it is possible maximize the reach of the audience or reduce it to the required minimum.

Match Types Google Ads: What Are Keyword Match Types?

As an example, take an ads campaign for a dishes online store. Keyword is «buy cup». Let’s view different types of matches and variants of actual requests for them.

Match TypesSpecial symbolExample

When ad is shown

Request which may shown ads
Broad Matchbuy cupThe request contains
a misspelled word, a synonym, a similar phrase, or another relevant variant.
a red cup
Broad Match Modifier++buy+cup

The request contains a modified or similar version of the phrase, but not
a synonym.

Words can appear in any order.

buy coffee cup
Phrase Match« »«buy cup»The request contains a phrase which matches the specified phrase and may contain additional words.buy cup
in Stretford
Exact Match[ ][buy cup]The query exactly matches the keyword.buy cup

Broad Match

You need to understand by what requests users, may be interested in these goods/services and the capacity of the niche is small.


  • there is a probability to «catch» the necessary search queries, which can then be used in ads campaign;
  • not necessary to spend a lot of time for creating a semantic core;
  • in most cases cost will be a minimum CPC;
  • using this type of match with a many numbers of negative words, you can get a positive result in the long term.


  • risk of getting a lot of untargeted clicks;
  • loss of budget for words, which don’t bring conversion;
  • small CTR, which will reduce the quality score of the account.

Broad Match Modifier

When to use? In case if all the masks of keywords are known, but you don’t understand, what other queries may getting clicks.


  • there is a probability to «catch» the necessary search queries, which can be used in advertising campaign then;
  • higher CTR than broad match words;
  • lower cost than exact or phrase match (not in all cases).


  • risk of getting a small part of the untargeted transitions. In our experience, about 20% are untargeted;
  • additional words and changes order of words in the phrase can powerfully change the meaning of the search query.

Negative Match

If a user enters any query, which contains a negative word, ads doesn’t shown.

Even errors are not taken in broad match for negative words.

You must decline cases of the chosen keywords and write possible variants with errors.

If the user enters a very long search query and your «negative» exists after the tenth word — the ads will show.

Phrase Match

When to use? Ads are needed for high-frequency inquiries. It is important to avoid unnecessary shows.


  • the risk of getting untargeted transitions is minimal;
  • in most cases high CTR.


  • if you don’t work out for different variants of the keywords, coverage of ads will reduce;
  • high cost per click.

Exact Match Type

When to use? In case target requests are defined and ads is needed only for these word variations.


  • risk of getting untargeted isn’t;
  • maximum quality results will be obtained, if you labour correctly;
  • high level CTR.


  • coverage is minimal.

The most important at the development of Ads campaign — choosing the right of types match.

We recommend using the modifier and phrase matching for suckglings or — the modifier and well-worked negative words for experienced specialists.

Correct Match Type Organization in Ads Campaign

We recommend start Ads company with broad match modifier. Try different of strategy after you will get the first data of research.

Start the campaign with broad match modifier; use automatic rule (to update bids for show at the top of the page); gather data for further optimization.

  • keep the modifier always in Ads Campaign: it gives many useful variations of search queries which can be used as key or negative keywords;
  • use mono-syllable branded keywords in exact match;
  • make a group with 3 types matches in brand campaigns for high-frequency queries: a modifier match for collecting «tailings», a phrase match for increasing coverage, exact match one for achieving the highest KPI on request;
  • use a strategy different types of matching in the same group. It can be used in campaigns with commercial inquiries (if a high frequency is requested);
  • set bids higher for exact match keywords, than for keywords with other match. It will increase chance of showing;
  • exact match is the most profitable option in the long run;
  • set modifier and exact match with higher rate in commercial campaigns for high-frequency queries;
  • test keywords with different types in groups with no obvious commercial interest. Leave the variant which will have the best metric.

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In version 3.0.0

  • new services: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu and others;
  • autosave of a negative keywords list in the workspace;
  • authorization for storing data in the account;
  • generic negative keyword lists;
  • the ability to store custom lists of negative keywords in the extension for further use in your account;
  • English and Russian interface.

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В версии 2.0

  • 2 режима выдачи ключевых слов:
  • быстрая выдача - аналогична выдаче Google Planner, но найденные результаты включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы;
  • полная выдача - расширенная выдача, которая включает поиск по дополнительным релевантным фразам, но найденные результаты также включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы.
  • Обновленный файл выгрузки ключевых слов Excel:
  • выгрузка локаций в удобном формате для загрузки в Editor;
  • обновленный шаблон для создания объявлений.
  • Полный список локаций.
  • Группировка отчетов по проектам.
  • Устранена ошибка с задержкой в 30 секунд.
  • Новые фильтры для получения релевантной выдачи.
  • Копирование минус-слов.

In version 2.0:

  • 2 modes of keywords search result:
  • quick search result - is similar to one of Google Planner , but the results found include every word of the phrase entered in the search;
  • full search result - extended search result that includes search on additional relevant phrases, but the results found also include every word of the phrase entered in the search.
  • Updated Exces Keyword Upload File:
  • uploading of locations in a convenient format for uploading to Editor;
  • updated template for creating ads.
  • Full list of locations.
  • Grouping of reports on the projects.
  • Fixed an error with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • New filters for getting relevant search results.
  • Copying of negative keywords.

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