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The Komondor PPC Software started out as a single tool – and for internal use only. A year and a half later, it contains 6 tools that solve dozens of everyday tasks. What are these tasks in the PPC that Komondor PPC Software can optimize? Let’s see!

The main thing about Komondor PPC Software

Komondor PPC Software was created by PPC specialists for PPC specialists. PPC professionals and our development department are working on the development; third-party specialists are sometimes involved for consultations. But all the implementation takes place inside the company and are always under the control of the PPC. So we can be sure that each element of Komondor PPC Software really solves the real problems of advertising.

We do not deal with SEO, content marketing, SMM or PR tools. Nothing will distract you from your work. The entire account is about PPC.

Now Komondor PPC Software has 6 tools. They help you search for keywords and negative keywords, collect statistics, group words, check the loading speed of landing pages, and create UTM tags. Here’s the most important thing about them:


  • Negative Keyword Tool is a Google Chrome extension. Allows you to collect negative keywords from pages of Google Ads, Serpstat, SEMRush, etc., create lists, store them or download pre-made lists.

Another 3 tools solve a series of tasks with keywords. However, they work independently, so you can get started at any stage and with any tool:

  • Find Keyword Tool. Collect keywords directly in the Komondor, mark negative keywords, exclude them, evaluate statistics: frequency, competitiveness and average CPC (according to Google). Keywords can be downloaded in any match type and immediately used in a campaign — or used in the next stage;
  • Keyword Processor Tool. If the Find Keyword Tool parses the semantics itself and then works with it, the Processor works with an already prepared set of keywords. For example, if a client gives you a previously collected list of keywords. Here you can clear the list of keywords from negative keywords and unload statistics on them.
  • Keyword Grouping Tool automatically groups keywords. You give Komondor the keywords, and Komondor divides them into groups. For this, a special algorithm is used: the grouping is based on the topic of the keyword and its frequency; the process takes into account equivalent words (for example, “key”, “keyword”, “key word”) and priorities. It requires statistics to work. If you collected keywords in the Komondor, it will appear in the Find Keyword Tool report. If you are using a list collected elsewhere, get statistics in the Keyword Processor Tool.

That is, Find helps to find and process your semantics, Processor – to process the semantics collected elsewhere, and Grouping – to group any of them. Or even all together, because in the Grouping Tool you can combine semantics from different lists!

In addition to working with keywors, Komondor PPC Software also helps with landing pages:


  • UTM generator creates UTM tags for tracking data (for Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Facebook Advertising, etc.);
  • Page Speed Checker automatically runs bulk checks of the loading speed of landing pages. We know that slow loading of the page can make you lose a visitor. And you must admit that if your ad uses even 20 pages (not to mention 2000), it is simply unrealistic to check them manually! In Checker you add URLs, set frequency and threshold speed → if the page speed drops or page stops responding, Komondor will send you a notification.


The main advantage of the Komondor PPS Software is that it saves time twice or even more with the help of highly specialized tools.

Why use Komondor PPC Software?

Let’s be clear. We will not tell you how important it is to collect negative keywords and all that. This part contains facts that make this solution convenient for PPC specialists.

Negative Keyword Tool

Saves 30% of time on picking negative keywords. If you usually need to copy a word -> paste into notepad / sheet -> copy the following, etc…. With the extension it will be:

  1. Click on the words you want.
  2. They are immediately saved into one list.
  3. Downloaded in one click.
  4. Can be uploaded to the campaign.

As simple as that.

In practice, picking negative keywords for two similar campaigns took:

  • as usual — an hour;
  • with NegativeKeyword Tool — 20 minutes.
NegativeKeyword Tool Komondor

Find Keyword Tool

Find Keyword Tool is used to collect keys. “And why not use Google Planner?” you might ask us. Fair, you can use Planner, but Find is better for certain tasks. And here’s why.

The planner is better for finding ideas and new words. When you enter specific queries, they may not appear in the search results.

Find Keyword Tool provides information on specific queries that include the words you need. In the planner, you need to use a filter to sort out the necessary words, and in Find Keyword Tool you immediately get the required output. 

In Find Keyword Tool, you can select a currency, which is not possible in Planner.

What is Komondor PPC Software

Find Keyword Tool simultaneously works for excluding negative keywords: you browse the list of phrases, click on unnecessary ones and they are automatically added to negative keywords. With one click, you can remove all collected negative keywords from the search results. And the collected negative keywords themselves can be copied and saved so that they can be reused later.

Keyword Processor Tool 

First of all, this is a service for processing already collected keywords. Its strong point is preparing the keywords for grouping if you received them with a file (and did not collect them in Find Keywords Tool, for example).

Keyword Grouping Tool 

Even if there are 100 keys in the list, the grouper works at least 2 times faster than even the most advanced manual groping through filters in Excel. It is not relevant if you need to group 10-15 words, but if there are more than 50, then this is it.

Another thing is technology. Most groping tools work with morphology-based algorithms. That is, they search for similar words and group them without considering how much “weight” the keyword has.

The Komondor grouping tool takes into account more data: frequency, synonyms, priorities. Priorities, for example, clarify which word is primary for the grouping and which is secondary. For example, if you have the key “management software” and “analytical software” – the word “software” will be more frequent, but not more important! More important is the software specialization, ie the words “management” or “analytical”. Priorities allow you to specify that the grouping should be built primarily by the words “management” and “analytical”, and not ”software”.

At the same time, you see the semantics itself in the Grouping Tool – that is, separately all the unique words that occur in your phrases. This helps you better understand what your ad will be targeting.

UTM generator

Yes, auto-tagging in Google Ads solves the issue in most cases, but if you additionally use Facebook or want to transfer data via other traffic sources, then the UTM generator will certainly come in handy.

UTM variables for Google Ads in Komondor PPC Software
UTM generator in Komondor PPC Tools

Page Speed Checker

Free Bulk Auto Check With Notification – This seems to speak for itself. Separately, it is convenient that you do not need to copy the URL by little, but download the sitemap and Komondor itself will work with all the urls in it.

Page Speed Checker Komondor PPC Software

Each tool is a few hours a month that can be saved on boring mechanical tasks. Don’t waste time on boring staff, be more productive with Komondor PPC Software 😉

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In version 3.0.0

  • new services: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu and others;
  • autosave of a negative keywords list in the workspace;
  • authorization for storing data in the account;
  • generic negative keyword lists;
  • the ability to store custom lists of negative keywords in the extension for further use in your account;
  • English and Russian interface.

Key combinations

  • LeftMouseClick to add a word, press again - to delete
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - to collect phrases
  • LeftALT + S - for words searching

В версии 2.0

  • 2 режима выдачи ключевых слов:
  • быстрая выдача - аналогична выдаче Google Planner, но найденные результаты включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы;
  • полная выдача - расширенная выдача, которая включает поиск по дополнительным релевантным фразам, но найденные результаты также включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы.
  • Обновленный файл выгрузки ключевых слов Excel:
  • выгрузка локаций в удобном формате для загрузки в Editor;
  • обновленный шаблон для создания объявлений.
  • Полный список локаций.
  • Группировка отчетов по проектам.
  • Устранена ошибка с задержкой в 30 секунд.
  • Новые фильтры для получения релевантной выдачи.
  • Копирование минус-слов.

In version 2.0:

  • 2 modes of keywords search result:
  • quick search result - is similar to one of Google Planner , but the results found include every word of the phrase entered in the search;
  • full search result - extended search result that includes search on additional relevant phrases, but the results found also include every word of the phrase entered in the search.
  • Updated Exces Keyword Upload File:
  • uploading of locations in a convenient format for uploading to Editor;
  • updated template for creating ads.
  • Full list of locations.
  • Grouping of reports on the projects.
  • Fixed an error with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • New filters for getting relevant search results.
  • Copying of negative keywords.

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