Why you can’t google your ads, and how to search and view ads correctly


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You have launched a Google Ads campaign. Everything is fine: impressions are already visible in the statistics and the first clicks on ads have appeared. But there is so strong desire to check how the advertisement looks in the SERP! You go to Google and enter into the search one of the keywords for which you are advertising:

How to google your Google ads


Why can’t I see my Google advertising?

If you’ve googled your ads but didn’t see them, there could be several reasons:

  • limited daily budget that has already ended. And if the budget is already spent, then the ads will not be shown until the next day. You can increase the limit or completely remove the daily budget limits;
  • overexpenditure of the daily budget. Google makes sure that the established budget is not overspent. If the system realizes that money is being spent too quickly, ads may pause for a while;
  • low ad rating → competitors win in the auction → lower ad position in the search results. Ads can appear at the bottom of the first page, as well as on other search results pages. To improve positions, you need to increase your bids and / or quality score;
  • the ad is “under consideration” or has not passed moderation. It can take several hours to check for a new ad: if you launch a campaign and immediately google it, you won’t see your ad. All that remains is to wait for approval. For rejected ads it is important to fix problems and then they can be relaunched;
  • mismatching targeting settings by geolocation, device and language. For example, you are in NY, and the campaign is set up for the LA; or you are using a VPN from an IP of another country; or the advertising campaign is targeted at computer users, and you are watching from a mobile;
  • show time is not included. Perhaps the display schedule is set up: ads are inactive on certain days or hours, and you are right at the time of non-display;
    search keyword contains negative keywords. When you add specific words to negative keyword lists, ads for them are not shown;
  • checking your account billing information. Google periodically verifies accounts and specified billing information. During this time, advertising stops showing;
  • using an ad blocker (for display and video ads) – obviously, ads are simply blocked;
  • a large number of search attempts. When you google the same thing a lot and see an ad but don’t click on it, Google decides that the offer is not interesting and no longer shows ads on a particular topic..

The last item brings us to the next question…

What happens if you google your ads

In the search results, you find your ad, look at it and close the tab; or click on it and go to the landing page. Everything shows up and works as it should. But! The statistics have just worsened and the budget has been wasted. Why?

First, if you googled an ad, viewed it, were happy, and closed Google, you would be a disgruntled buyer for the system. Well, how could it be otherwise? Viewed / clicked but didn’t buy anything. This is a signal to Google that the ad is irrelevant. As a result, impressions will decrease, cost-per-click will increase, CTR, ad rating in the auction and quality score will fall, ad positions too, and you will also lose profit.

Secondly, you are unlikely to buy from yourself through advertising in Google Ads, but you still have to pay for a click. Let’s say you are selling backpacks, the CPC in the campaign is $1. For ten empty clicks, 10$ will fly away from the budget, for a hundred – already 100. And if you advertise the services of a criminal lawyer, then the price for one click can go up to $150+ – and ten of your verification clicks will eat $1,500.


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How to view your ads in test mode

We recommend that you view your ads through the diagnostic tool. It shows real SERPs, but does not count views as user views. You can check ad impressions any number of times without affecting your statistics or budget.

In your Google Ads account, go to Tools → View and diagnose ads:

Как просмотреть свою рекламу

Select your language and geolocation, enter the keyword for which you want to check your ad.

If all goes well, the ad is shown:

Как просмотреть свою рекламу

If something is wrong, the ad will not be shown for the specified parameters. And you can even find out why:

Как просмотреть свою рекламу

Reason is given when your campaigns have this keyword.

Как просмотреть свою рекламу в тестовом режиме не показывается

If your ad is not showing and no reason is provided, it is likely that the keyword is not in your ad campaign.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments or order a free audit to check your Google Ads account!

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