How to make money with Google Shopping: the guide for business. 9 basic tricks to improve efficiency


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In the Google Shopping guide, we described 7 strategies for Shopping campaigns, shared a bunch of tricks for setup, made a separate guide to optimize and maximize results…

Still not sure where to start?

No problem. Let’s start small. Below are the 9 best (in our opinion) ways to increase the effectiveness of a shopping campaign. Suitable even if this is your first time with Google Shopping. Just pick 1-2 points and implement them. And then another 1. And maybe more.

Once you’ve consumed the potential of this collection and got used to managing your Shopping campaigns, reread the previous articles: they will look much clearer with a little practice.

So, let’s begin?

Note! Not all of the methods below complement each other. This is not a checklist. For example, you cannot immediately make segmentation both by region and by request. So don’t treat all of the points as mandatory to implement.

9 Ways to Improve Google Shopping Performance

  1. Add negative keywords to Shopping campaigns.
  2. Segment your Shopping campaign by search term type.
  3. Remain competitive.
  4. Test different bids in Shopping campaigns.
  5. Add keywords to product titles.
  6. Segment shopping campaigns by product type.
  7. Use an ad schedule with bid adjustments.
  8. Add a remarketing audience list.
  9. Segment Shopping campaigns by region.

Add negative keywords to Shopping campaigns to improve Google Shopping performance

You cannot add keywords to Shopping campaigns for targeting. However, you can add negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing. Having found out the list of search queries for which ads were displayed (the Keywords tab → Search terms), we expand our list of negative keywords.

Расширение минус-слов Google Ads

Segment Shopping campaigns by intent and the query type to improve Google Shopping performance

In Google Shopping, branded and non-branded queries work differently. For maximum effectiveness, it is best to create two different campaigns to reach each of these segments. And add all brand queries to one campaign as negative keywords to direct all brand traffic to another. So you split your traffic into 2 flows.

A more advanced version of this strategy is query-level bidding. With it, you not only divide traffic into branded / non-branded but also separate the budget and bids so that investments are spent as efficiently as possible. The more profit the term brings, the more bid it will receive. This has a good effect on profitability, as you understand, so we recommend that you try this option to increase the effectiveness of Google Shopping advertising.

google shopping optimization tips

Stay Competitive to Improve Google Shopping Performance

Staying competitive is critical to success in Google Shopping.

It is clear from the graphs below that ads with more competitive prices generate significantly more clicks and conversions.

google shopping optimization tips

Test to Improve Google Shopping Performance

Bidding is more unpredictable in Google Shopping than in Search campaigns. Therefore, everything needs to be tested to improve the effectiveness of advertising.

google shopping optimization tips

Add Keywords to Your Product Title to Improve Google Shopping Performance

Product titles are the most significant part of product feed optimization. By adding keywords to your product title, you can improve the effectiveness of your shopping ad. Read how it works in the Title section in the 4th part of Google Shopping guide.

google shopping optimization tips

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Segment by Product ID to Improve Google Shopping Performance

The cost and margins differ for different products, so to achieve the maximum result, you need to set a different bid for each product. This way you can reduce the number of impressions for lower priority and, conversely, increase the number of impressions for items with higher priority and margin. This can be done by adding products to a separate group using their ID (product identifier).

Google Shopping thus makes it possible to use flexible bidding.

The step-by-step algorithm for segmentation by the identifier is described in the “SPAg” section in the Google Shopping guide.

google shopping optimization tips
google shopping optimization tips

Schedule Shopping Ads to Improve Google Shopping Performance

Your ads will perform better on certain days of the week and even at certain times during the day. Google Shopping provides the opportunity to adjust bids by hours, when the likelihood of conversion is higher. So set up a schedule with adjustments by hours and days of the week – and you will be closer to optimizing the performance of your PPC.

google shopping optimization tips

Add a Remarketing Audience List to Improve Your Google Shopping Performance

Users who have already visited the website and viewed products are more likely to convert in the future, so we use remarketing audience lists, increase bids for this audience and, accordingly, show them ads in a higher position than others. Note that this feature will only work if you have a remarketing list of more than 1000 users. Read the setup instructions for the Search Remarketing (RLSA) for Google Shopping in our article.

google shopping optimization tips

Segment Shopping Campaigns by Region to Improve Google Shopping Performance

Specific regions may be prioritized for displaying ads as they might be more efficient in terms of conversion rates and|or CPA. By segmenting campaigns by region, we can adjust bids for maximum reach. You can identify such regions using Google Analytics or campaign statistics.

Сегментация кампаний Google Shoppingпо регионам

That’s all. Nine simple tricks to implement – and your Shopping campaigns will already perform better and generate more clicks / conversions / profits. Go for it!

Looking to improve your lead generation? You’re in the right place! Leave a request and let’s boost your business together!

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Founder, CEO

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