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Facebook is not just a social network for messaging and commenting. This is the most powerful digital channel for advertisement with 2,23 billions users all around the world. More than 307 million of them are from Europe. 

A couple more important numbers and stats about Facebook users:

And in general, Facebook is the most popular social network that has not surrendered its leadership for a very long time …


In my experience, if a company has a website, it almost certainly already has a Facebook or Instagram icon there. By itself, having a business page on Facebook does not lead to an increase in subscribers and sales. Even with the regular publication of content relevant to the target audience. And all because of the Facebook policy, introduced in January 2018, to prioritize organic reach for posts that provoke communication between friends and family.

This means that targeted advertising on Facebook, to put it mildly, will not be superfluous.

Who is Facebook Targeted Ads for – Facebook Ads

You can promote on Facebook anything that does NOT fall into the category of prohibited materials. Before seriously planning a advertising on Facebook, review the full list of prohibited materials, as it includes some subtleties regarding discrimination against different groups of the population. Also banned are tobacco products, adult products, anabolic steroids and other “unsafe food supplement”, microcredit and loans, network marketing. Also, of course, weapons, drugs and other illegal goods / services / materials. For a complete list, see the Prohibited Materials section of the Help.

It is worth paying attention to the “Restricted Content” section with the rules for advertising alcohol, dating, gambling, lotteries, online pharmacies, and so on.

Here’s a prime example of working with products from the restricted content category:

The Google Adsense advertising policy states that alcohol is a delicate product and can only be advertised in certain countries. In Ukraine, banners advertising alcohol are prohibited. As a result, you may encounter a situation where ads in the Display Network or remarketing campaign are approved, but not displayed.

But Facebook’s advertising policy does not prohibit the use of site visitor lists for advertising alcoholic products. Accordingly, it would be appropriate for any online alcohol store to use Facebook ads as an additional channel of communication with the audience.

In some countries, alcohol advertising is completely banned.

Access Levels – Facebook Ads

For targeted advertising on Facebook you must have access to a business page and an advertising account (Ads Manager). Access levels are different and depends on which functions you can use.

View ads
Access reports
Create and edit ads 
Edit payment method  
Manage admin permissions  


According to the Facebook Help, the “Advertiser” level for a business page and Ads Manager is sufficient to set up targeted advertising.

Practical tip: request client access at the “Administrator” level.

Why is this so important? One of the reasons is that administrator access allows you to manage the settings of the funding source.

Google Ads has a prepayment principle: replenished the budget → you can run ads. If the client’s budget is used up, all advertising activity stops until the budget is replenished through a card or legal account.

Facebook operates on a postpaid basis, that is, a loan from the company. Initially, the system gives us a cash loan: last year we receive $ 25 each, sometimes the loan can be even more. You don’t even need to pay money to launch your first advertising campaign – it will be debited from the credit amount.

And now Facebook ads have been launched, the results have been received, and Facebook is asking us to pay. A bank card is installed as a payment method in your account. But there are times when, even after replenishing the card, the system does not immediately write off the debt. And this already means that while there is a debt in the account, all advertising activity is suspended and it is impossible to make changes – the “Edit” and “Duplicate” buttons become inactive.

There is a debt in the account: the buttons are inactive, there is a warning about debt

As a result, we lose:

time, since there is no way to set up advertising campaigns on Facebook;
results (sales, traffic, new subscribers), as Facebook ads don’t work.

As for finance: previously, the account displayed a button for manual payment. Now, if the transaction did not go through for the first time, the Ads Manager is temporarily blocked and the button disappears. Then you need to contact support to re-attempt to charge the payment.

To copy the ad account ID, go to the Facebook business manager and click on the identifier.

Где найти ID рекламного кабинета Facebook

In addition, in our practice, there were cases when at the advertiser level there was no access to creating audiences. We solved this issue by changing the role from “Advertiser” to “Administrator”. And although such bugs are rare on Facebook, it’s worth remembering that the “Administrator” is everything.

Now that we have decided on the difference in access levels, the logical question is where and how you can get this very access. And this is where it’s time to get acquainted with Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager – Facebook Ads

Business Manager Facebook is a free tool through which the client can transfer the access to manage any Facebook elements: business pages, advertising manager, application directories. It helps you organize and manage resources.

To create a Facebook business manager, you need to go to business.facebook.com and click on the “Create an account” button.

pasted image 0 (2)

Important! Any advertising activity is available only if you have a personal Facebook profile. If there is no personal page, it is impossible to create either an advertising account (Ads Manager) or a business page on Facebook. Business manager registration is also possible only from a personal Facebook profile.

For a client who decided to invest in Facebook advertising, the chain of creating all the necessary resources for advertising activities looks like this:

  1. Registration of a personal profile (or use an existing one).
  2. Business page creation.
  3. Creation of an advertising account (Ads Manager).
  4. Granting access to a specialist to manage Ads Manager and a business page.

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For a targeted advertising specialist on Facebook, everything looks like this:

  1. Registration of a personal profile (or use an existing one).
  2. Business manager creation.
  3. Sending a request for managing an existing advertising account and business page.

Seems confusing? Don’t panic! We will consider all the important stages in more detail.


Only one Facebook advertising account can be created from one personal profile.
From one personal profile, you can create (perhaps) any number of Facebook business managers. There are no restrictions in the help, and we have experience in creating more than 5 business managers from one personal profile.

This opens up unlimited possibilities for us: you can create new advertising accounts for clients without their participation, and if  you block an advertising account, you can quickly create a new one.

But back to looking at the functionality of Facebook Business Manager. After registration (it is simple, but if something – write in the comments) a working field opens.

pasted image 0 (3)

Here you can add or create an existing Facebook business page and Ads Manager.

Previously, Facebook allowed creating multiple advertising managers at once from one business manager. Now this opportunity is not available for everyone – this is due to the active struggle of Facebook with bots / fake accounts.

From practice: if a Facebook business manager is created from a personal profile that has been registered on the social network for several years, is active and does not violate user agreements, then it is likely that at the start it will be possible to create at least 2 advertising accounts. Further, if you actively set up ads and do not violate the rules, Facebook will provide you with access to create 5 or more advertising accounts from one business manager.

Important! Ads Managers cannot be removed from Facebook Business Manager after they have been added. Why is this not very good? Because if a business manager has a connection with a blocked ad account, this affects its reputation in the system. Facebook automatically blocks the ability to create new ad accounts in such a business manager.

Let’s take an example.

We have a business manager called RB. Two advertising accounts were created from it. Both were later blocked. We have removed one of them from the workspace in order to show this example.

Now, as we can see, one ad account is shown in the workspace of the business manager: Badagoni.

pasted image 0 (4)

But in the settings of the business manager, 2 advertising accounts are still displayed: Badagoni and Агроярд.

pasted image 0 (5)

If we now try to create a new advertising account in this Facebook business manager, then with any attempt, a warning will appear  ↓

pasted image 0 (6)

The issue of linking advertising accounts to a business manager can be resolved by sending a request an access to an advertising account from a business manager.

To do this, go to the Facebook business manager → open the company settings → the “Accounts” section → the “Advertising campaigns” subsection. On the page, click on the “Add” button and select “Request access to an advertising account” from the list.

pasted image 0 (7)

The principle is the same with requesting access to a business page: you can add an existing page or create a new one and then request access.

Other Business Manager Opportunities – Facebook Advertising

Facebook Business Manager helps not only manage access settings, but add people and provide them with roles to manage one or another Ads Manager, business page and other elements.

To do this, open the settings of the Facebook business manager → the “Users” section → the “People” subsection → the “Add” button.

pasted image 0 (8)

In the new window, add the people you want.

pasted image 0 (9)

In the second step, select the resource type and role – and you can send an invitation.

pasted image 0 (10)

Also, through the Facebook business manager, you can link to accounts and applications to customize Instagram ads. If the Ads Manager has already been added to the business manager, you need to link to the Instagram page to launch ads on this placement. An example of how the connection is established is below on the screen.

pasted image 0 (11)

Using the example of a business manager, we showed how to access an ad account and a business page. Therefore, if you plan to work with targeted advertising in the long term, we recommend registering a personal business manager and carrying out all the necessary activity with this tool.

If work with clients is carried out outside the Facebook business manager, then access to Ads Manager and business page can be obtained directly in the settings of these website.

Facebook Ads Manager – Facebook ads

Ads Manager (aka advertising account) is one of the whales of Facebook advertising. It allows you to work with targeted advertising on the social network:

  • create advertising campaigns;
  • set targeting settings;
  • work with audiences for targeting;
  • make advertisements in various formats;
  • analyze statistics and results.

Let’s go through the functionality and interface for a general understanding of the tool.

So, the main page of Ads Manager consists of 3 tabs:

  • campaign;
  • ad group;
  • ads.
главная страница Ads Manager

These 3 tabs represent the levels of the Facebook ad campaign.

On each of the tabs you can:

  • view statistics;
  • create or duplicate the corresponding elements;
  • make changes;
  • customize columns: add additional metrics to analyze the results;
  • make a detailed breakdown of the results according to the required parameters.

Search and filters are conveniently implemented in the Facebook Ads Manager. You can use search to sort your campaigns by name. Filters allow you to display campaigns with a specific status, placement, goal and many other parameters.

pasted image 0 (13)

All of these features resemble those of Google Ads, so if you are already familiar with its interface, it will be easy to master Ads Manager too.

To run Facebook ads in your ad account, you need to set up a payment method. To do this, in the “Billing” section, click on the “Set up payments” button.

pasted image 0 (14)

Facebook offers three payment options:

  • bank card;
  • PayPal;
  • Facebook ad coupon.

Important! When creating a Facebook advertising account, you may not find your country currency in the proposed currency options. Accordingly, to pay for Facebook ads on a bank card, double conversion and the ability to make payments on the Internet must be enabled. Also take into account the amount of the limit set for payment. It must be at least the amount that Facebook plans to write off.

Summing up

Ordering advertising on Facebook or setting it up yourself is relevant for any business. The main thing is to consciously approach this matter. Use all the available tools that Facebook provides. Separate your work and personal areas of Facebook with the help of a business manager. In addition, it is really easier to manage resources for customizing ads with it, since they are all concentrated in one place.

Happy Advertising!

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