Google Ads case: 3x increase in conversions — done ✅


3 min


Product: swings and accessories for them

Country: USA

Goal: increase sales for each category

Results BEFORE working with the PPC agency Penguin-team

Results for 2 months of self-tuning:

  • conversions — 145.17;
  • CPC — $27.03;
  • conversion rate —  1.11 %;
  • conversion value — $36,333.05;
  • ROAS — 926 %.
Results for 2 months of self-tuning
Results for 2 months of self-tuning

Work stages

Что было сделано:

  1. The secondary conversions Calls and Chat were removed from the main conversion column, and only Transactions were left.
  2. For the transaction, the attribution model was changed from the last click to the attribution model linked to the position.
  3. In a Smart Shopping Campaign, products were taken out by ID. This is necessary to take out goods whose value is higher than $2,000. Accordingly, products with a price below $2,000 remained in the Smart Campaign.
  4. Items valued at over $2,000 have been sent to the Standard Shopping campaign. This campaign rarely produced results; but if it brought, the result immediately covered all the costs. The client later disabled this campaign.
  5. At the time of the start of work with the account, a Search Campaign was launched with groups in categories. It didn’t give results, but we wanted to continue working with the Search. Therefore, a Dynamic Search Campaign for the same categories was created for the test. But this campaign didn’t bring results and was disabled.
  6. When the Smart Shopping Campaign gained stats, it became obvious that there were products in it that weren’t working. The Standard Campaign was created for them, in which each group contains such an ineffective smart product. We monitored search queries and could control the rate.
  7. Some products in the Smart Campaign didn’t receive traffic, but in Analytics they were bestsellers. Smart Shopping Campaigns have been created separately for each such product.
  8. The Standard Shopping Campaigns work in the account, Dynamic Remarketing has been created for them.

  9. For some products, the titles have been expanded and/or corrected as part of hygiene and campaign optimization.

  10. An experiment was created in a Brand Campaign to find out if the automatic Maximize conversion value strategy would be profitable. The use of this strategy is due to the need to get more income and search for users who would buy the most expensive swing. The experiment worked for 10 days and during this time the value of the conversion increased several times, so it was decided to apply this strategy to the main campaign. At the time of writing the case, the strategy worked for 18 days, compared to the previous 18 days, changes are visible – an increase in the value of the conversion by 145%.
Experiment results

Results AFTER working with the PPC agency Penguin-team

After two months of work, we got the next results:

  • conversions —  465.88;
  • CPC — $21.53;
  • conversion rate —  1.69 %;
  • conversion value — $109,238. 57 
  • ROAS — 1 089 %.
Results BEFORE working with the PPC agency Penguin-team
Results BEFORE working with the PPC agency Penguin-team

Comparison of results:


Starting Results

Results after 2 months of work

Absolute change

Relative changes





+221 %





-20 %

Conversion rate

1.11 %

1.69 %

0.58 %

+52 %

Conversion Value




+201 %


926 %

1,089 %

163 %

+18 %

The goals are achieved, everyone is happy 🙂

You can order setting up advertising campaigns from us ↷

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