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Work on a PPC project begins with an audit. Before setting up new PPC campaigns and rebuilding your Google account structure, you need to put things in order. After all, sometimes it will be more effective to understand what is wrong, fix it and get results right away. Today we will tell you how simple mistakes can drain the budget, what to look for and how to get out of the negative profit. We will also share one interesting solution of the Penguin-team PPC Agency specialists – one-cent traffic in Google Shopping. Let’s go!

Client: a large Ukrainian online home furniture store. The assortment includes sofas, beds, tables and chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, hangers, shelves, mirrors, as well as lighting.


  • high competition in the niche;
  • competitors use brand queries of our client;
  • goods are bought through the website, ordering a call back, and direct calls;
  • a long purchase journey: inexpensive products are bought immediately, while for expensive ones, the path between a click on an ad and a purchase can take several months.

Goal: find out why advertising campaigns are ineffective; optimize campaigns, launch new ones if necessary; reduce advertising costs.

  • increased ROAS;
  • decrease in CPA.

Initial audit of the Google account: results


  • Cost – UAH 20,146;
  • Number of clicks – 9 786;
  • Number of conversions (transactions) – 20;
  • Conversion cost – UAH 990.4;
  • Conversion rate (transactions) – 0.20%.


  • ROAS – 553.7%;
  • ROI at a margin of 15% – -17% (minus 17);
  • Advertising profit (data from Google Analytics) – -3 402 UAH.

Campaigns are inefficient, but the situation can be improved with basic account hygiene. We fixed bugs, chose the optimal structure for account and campaigns, and optimized campaigns. In the future, it is important to keep the result, and then maximize it.

Take a seat: we will tell you step by step what we did and what we got in the end in 4 months of work.

Google account and campaign audit case

Analytics. The Analytics tag was installed on the website; cloud PBX was on to track calls. Account were connected to receive up-to-date and correct data on user interaction:

  • With the website (in general, and tracking the click on the “Buy in 1 click” button);
  • Through phone calls (total and result after communication).

However, the value of the transactions was not transferred.

Analysis of the structure of the account and campaigns. Campaigns in the Google ds account:

  • Search campaigns with SKAG structure;
  • Shopping campaigns with all products in one group;
  • Smart shopping campaigns;
  • Regular remarketing campaigns.

Correcting errors in the account – case

We made a few new settings:

  • Transfer transaction value from Analytics to Google Ads account to launch and correctly “train” smart campaigns;
  • Track the conversion “Request a call back” and “Buy in 1 click”.

We had disabled ineffective campaigns with high ad spend, high CPA and CPC.

After applying the SKAG structure, Google Ads began to use keywords not only in exact match, but also in phrasal one. Because of this, ads may appear by a synonym or even a synonymous phrase. Therefore, we recommended restructuring and launched search campaigns that grouped keywords in exact match and broad match modifier.

Shopping campaigns have been restructured. We divided them into groups by website categories: we started with the most convertible categories – furniture for the kitchen and for the bedroom; set bids
taking into account marginality; and a month later, they began to bring new top products to the groups – bunk beds and kitchen corner sofas.

The most converting categories were included in smart campaigns. At the same time, new best-selling products were tracked and new campaigns were launched for them. This is important in order not to spoil the statistics of already running campaigns and not interrupt their training.

To reduce cost per click and increase the number of relevant queries, we created dynamic campaigns in Google Ads.

All groups ran three ads for a correct A/B/C test + one responsive ad; each used all three headings and two descriptions.

We worked out the lists of negative keywords and applied cross-account negative keywords.

Then we set up the transfer of dynamic parameters for creating dynamic remarketing campaigns, since users do not make a purchase decision immediately.

Scaling Google campaigns case

In a month and a half of work, Shopping campaigns began to bring good results, and it was possible to start scaling:

  • Bedroom Furniture Shopping Campaign: ROAS – 886% and 133.20 Conversions (Position-Based Attribution Models);
  • Kitchen Furniture Shopping campaign: ROAS – 741% and 117.93 conversions;
  • Bedroom Furniture Smart Shopping Campaign: ROAS – 1,621% & 6.2 Conversions;
  • Smart Shopping Campaign with Furniture for the Kitchen: ROAS – 1,085% and 1.2 conversions;
  • Branded search queries on the search network: ROAS – 195,623% and 10.40 conversions.
Результат торговых кампаний

Total ROAS – 841%, ROI – 26.1%, advertising revenue – UAH 17,064.

We decided to add a new campaign with lighting products. The campaign worked for less than a month, brought 1 conversion (call order), which cost UAH 1,059.51 – it did not work as expected, so we turned it off.

Кампания с товарами для освещения

After that, we launched dynamic remarketing on the Display Network. Campaign received an income of UAH 30,000, plus we have got conversions that do not convey value; the cost of conversion is UAH 141, ROAS is 1,000%.

Динамический ремаркетинг в контекстно-медийной сети

One cent traffic in Google Shopping case

Interesting observation! We launched a campaign for all products with a meager budget and 0.01 UAH bid. Campaign priority is low; calculated at a penny cost per conversion. There are no negative keywords.

The campaign works simultaneously with Google Shopping campaigns, but it is aimed at low-frequency queries that are neglected in other campaigns. It has a low CRR, so it does not compete with other campaigns.

Result in 4 months: for 25 UAH we received an income of 41,000 UAH, 14 requests for a callback and 6 purchases in 1 click, ROAS – 164,780%.

Центовый трафик в Google Shopping

We tried similar settings in other projects: campaigns bring conversions and a certain amount of income. This approach won’t work everywhere: all depends on the cost of query and the niche. Main conditions:

  • Assortment of 200 products;
  • The average price of a product is up to $ 30.

For small online stores, this strategy will not work, but for large ones with a huge assortment of different price categories, it most often works.

Results after 4 months of work with the Penguin-team PPC Agency

In the fourth month of Penguin-team PPC Agency work, income increased almost 4 times, the number of transactions – 4.15 times, the cost of conversions decreased by 40%. At the same time, ROAS increased 1.64 times, and we were able to reach the return on investment: ROI increased 2.14 times.

The optimization tasks were completed, the goals – an increase in ROAS, a decrease in CPA – were achieved. Account continues to work.

Want to check your account? Leave a request for a free audit!

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