Google Ads Case: Dynamic Search Ads for an Online Jewelry Store (NDA)


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A client came to us with a request to increase the number of sales using paid advertising with a target ROAS. At that time, only the search campaign worked for him; must say that it worked inefficiently. We decided to optimize it with DSA and Google Shopping.

We tell about it in detail below.

Client summary: Introductory Information


  • product — personalized silver, gold bracelets and pendants;
  • geo — Australia;
  • good product margin of 75%;
  • a niche with high competition; it means that the cost per click is also high.

Client goals: ROAS > 200%. Yes, yes, taking into account the marginality of goods with ROAS 200%, the client has already earned. For this you need:

  • optimize the current search campaign;
  • set up and launch shopping campaigns (because Google Shopping Campaign is a must have for an online store).


2 search campaigns were set up in the account: the one for pendants, the second for bracelets. They were configured according to the SKAG structure:

Campaigns by SKAG structure

Results before cooperation:

→ campaigns with pendants:

  • conversion rate — 0.05%;
  • cost — A$1,299.29;

→ campaigns with bracelets:

  • conversion rate — 0.07%;
  • cost — A$ 1 292.77.
Results before cooperation | Google Case

Campaigns performed inefficiently, although the traffic was relevant, as can be seen from the search terms:

Search queries | Google Case

However, the budget was spent on high-frequency terms, and due to high competition in the niche, this did not bring sales.

What we did to optimize: work plan and description

We started working on optimizing the current search campaign:

  1. We analyzed the semantics of the last campaign: high-frequency terms were combined into one campaign (bracelets and pendants). 
  2. We wrote more relevant titles and structured the descriptions.
  3. We added Price and Promotion extensions.
  4. We rewrote existing extensions with additional links, clarifications.
  5. We collected negative keywords.


  • conversion cost 77 A$;
  • ROAS 84 %. 

While this was better than the client’s campaigns at launch, it’s still pretty bad.

Therefore, we launched a test of a dynamic search campaign.

First, we analyzed the content on the website. It is important that it is relevant to the user’s search terms with calls to action, as the system compares the user’s query and content to select a landing page and create a relevant title for the ad. With this, the client was ok.

Next, for customization, we worked on negative keywords – one of the most important points for the effectiveness of dynamic ads. Why do it? DSAs can be shown for broad match words. As practice shows, the products of our client are purposefully searched for by narrow terms such as “name bracelets”, “bracelets with initials”, “pendants with engraved name”. If do not take into account the specifics of the business, can get irrelevant traffic and drain the budget.

It is important! If the coverage is large, we recommend analyzing negative keywords every day using the search terms report. And immediately add new ones to the lists.

It is important 2.0! If you launched a regular search campaign and a DSA campaign in parallel, the keys and terms of the first should be added to negative keywords with an exact match in the second. So the campaigns will not compete with each other.

But if the DSAs are running for testing, this is not necessary. We recommend 2 options: launch DSA through an experiment or stop standard advertising for the test period.

At the same time, the structure of the first campaign with DSA was as follows: 1 group – 1 product category. Landing page targeting option.

Campain Structure | Google Case


  • ROAS this campaign was141 %;
  • average cost per conversion — A$49.9;
  • bracelets won sales.

In parallel, we launched shopping campaigns based on target KPIs, which began to bring results. And after the launch of Smart Shopping, enough statistics were collected in the account to test automatic bidding strategies.

Bracelets were selling better, we launched a new DSA campaign for bracelets only and using the automatic target ROAS bidding strategy.

We had 2 ad groups. In one group, landing pages were used as targeting, in the other, categories offered by Google.

Results — each of the groups achieved the target KPI (ROAS more than 200%). Automatic bidding strategy spend has fully justified itself. The optimization of this campaign was minimal.

We continued to review search terms and add negative keywords. Basically, these were variations of the store name (brand term) with a typo. It was important to segment traffic so that branded traffic would go to a separate branded campaign.

It is important! The search terms report will display titles generated by Google. Sometimes you can get headline ideas for other campaigns from them.

The search terms report | Google Case

We also monitored the effectiveness of selected landing pages and categories in groups: advertising account → DSA campaigns → Categories or Website links. So, if a landing page has a low conversion rate, it can be excluded from targeting:

Google Case

It’s the same with categories. For example, one of the categories received a lot of impressions, but the ROAS was 78%, and this is an irrational waste of the budget and such unprofitable categories should be turned off.

This situation is possible when the category does not quite fit the product. The main task is to track indicators and respond to changes in time.

Work results

We have reached cost / conv. at the level of 26.98 A$ and Conv. value / cost 2.39 for 3 months.

Work results | Google Case

When comparing periods, the “acceleration” of the campaign is visible:

Work results | Google Case

These are the results we got with DSA.

We recommended monitoring the results of campaigns once a week in order to quickly track fluctuations in achieving KPI targets, and, if necessary, make changes to adjust the strategy.

Check out other cases on our blog⤵

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