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Anything is possible when the white label company Penguin-team and your company play as one team.

Create and optimize advertising campaigns so that the business can earn more. Launch advertising from scratch, maintain and optimize existing campaigns to achieve a stable result for the company, scale campaigns to increase profitability and cost optimization.
White label PPC is continuation of your company's team!

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Penguin-team PPC Agency In Numbers

$ 5 mil
turnover per quarter generated for clients
PPC specialists with experience from 2 to 5 years
projects optimized for clients

Multi-channel White Label PPC Agency

PPC advertising company Penguin-team will become your out-house SEM department!

The white label paid advertising program is an opportunity to scale your agency and make your clients happy without investing in creating a new department and maintenance spend

Our White Label PPC Advertising Services

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Respect for your budget and care for your business

Our white label agency for PPC has been using automation and optimization of paid advertising in local and international markets since 2013

Values at the heart of our work

Prudence in financial management

Penguin-team specialists manage 6-figure advertising campaign budgets - and this is a big responsibility. We start every job with data collection and forecasting to make sure that we will offer you the most profitable and effective advertising investment option. We respect your budgets and are committed to dealing with it intelligently, discreetly and thoughtfully

Осмотрительность в управлении финансами
Осмотрительность в управлении финансами 2

Mindfulness for your business

Nobody knows your business better than you. We respect your experience and immersion in the company's work, so at the start we conduct a detailed briefing in order to understand what USP and accents need to be shown in advertising campaigns. We use product information to the maximum to set up the correct targeting and advertising message

Honesty and objective judgment

PPC advertising is a step-by-step ongoing process based on predictions and tests. For each client, we regularly prepare reports and data summaries to show all results transparently and honestly. You will always be aware of what is really happening in advertising

Честность и объективная оценка

Our Achievement

We can collaborate directly or through UpWork. You can hire us at Upwork; then you and we will need to pay a commission. Contacting directly will save you up to 15% fees!
Nikolay S.
Job Success
top rated plus
Total Jobs
Total Hours
Google shopping ads manager
Jan 13, 2021 - Feb 12, 2021

"Nikolay is very responsive, flexible and a real pleasure to work with. I learned a lot during the engagement, and Nikolay kept me well-informed of all of his tasks and took the time to explain everything to me in high detail, exactly as I wanted. It turns out Google Standard Shopping is not the right fit for my products, which do not compete based on price. Might have saved some time upfront then, as I knew this already but did not realize how it might impact performance potential."

Google Shopping & Ad Words Wizard Wanted! - Exciting Opportunity
Oct 5, 2020 - Dec 1, 2020

"To say Nikolai was excellent would be a gross understatement. Nikolai was, by far, the best freelancer we have worked with to date. Detail orientated, goal focused, and also an incredibly enjoyable person to work with. We've had to end this contract due to a business transition of our own, and no other reason, and will be rehiring Nikolai as soon as we've finished this. I would, of course, recommend Nikolai to anyone seeking someone that is able to offer real value to your Google Shopping & Adwords campaigns."

Yevhenii D.
Job Success
top rated plus
Total Jobs
Total Hours
Pay Per Click - Google PPC ads buyer
Jun 21, 2021 - Aug 23, 2021

"Yevhenii is a great guy to work with! Provides great results and communicates very well! I really appreciate all of your work!

Highly recommended!"

Looking for Junior PPC Specialist - Google Ads & Facebook Ads
Aug 24, 2018 - Sep 5, 2019

"Yevhenii did an excellent job for us! His knowledge of Adwords is superb. He is brilliant with communication and really goes all the way to help his clients."

Denys B.
Job Success
top rated plus
Total Jobs
Total Hours
Need a Google Ads Specialist
Sep 10, 2020 - Jan 6, 2021

"Denys is a very talented specialist and doing his job at the highest level. His skills and knowledge helped our advertising company to resume operations. In the future, I definitely plan to use his services again."

Google ad specialist needed for creating and managing Google Search and Video campaign
Feb 12, 2020 - May 11, 2020

"Denys is a Google ads pro! Give him a goal and some guidelines and he knows what to do to set up a succesful campaign. He also advises you on how to improve the campaign once it is running. Communicating is very easy and he knows how to stick to deadlines. Pleasure working with this guy!"

Find Out About White Label PPC For Your Agency

Our manager will contact you and agree on the tasks and goals of your business

PPC advertising company Penguin-Team — Premier Google Partner

google partners subtitle The Premier Google Partner badge can be earned by agencies with consistent, effective campaigns and Google Certified employees.
"Working with such a company, you can be sure of the high qualifications of its specialists", — Google Partners
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In addition to Google, we also work with other advertising platforms: partners img 6 partners img 7 partners img 8 partners img 9

Penguin-team is an agency with over 50% annual growth

We set up and optimize advertising on Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, and other platforms; we work with clients from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, Ukraine. We advertise products in local, national and international markets. We work with online stores, service sites, SaaS, B2B.

We also speak at conferences and meetups to share knowledge and experience with others; we organize training meetings and intensives within the company to provide the highest quality services for you and your customers.

Penguin-team image Penguin-team image
Penguin-team image Penguin-team image Penguin-team image

Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Advertising Services

What is a PPC agency?
A PPC agency takes over the end-to-end management of an advertisers PPC account: launch, optimization and management of pay-per-click campaigns. PPC Agency Penguin-team helps the advertiser to get better results out of their PPC advertising. We are constantly testing and optimising their PPC campaigns. With the right PPC agency you can significantly improve the ROI of your PPC advertising.
What makes a good PPC agency?
A good PPC Agency helps each of its clients develop their business and make it successful in the market. The right PPC advertising company will optimize processes, change the structure of the account if needed, manage keywords, optimize bids, test advertising texts and other settings, and more to improve the performance of your account.
What is PPC outsourcing?
White label PPC outsourcing is an opportunity to scale your agency and make your clients happy without investing in creating a new department and maintenance spend. Penguin-team PPC Agency will become your out-house SEM department! We offer launch, optimization, and management of PPC advertising for your clients under your brand.
How much does an agency charge for PPC?
There are several cooperation options: one project — $299 per project (setting up and supporting one project; projects within $5,000 budget per month); part-time — $1,400 per month (80 hours of work per month; any number of projects); full time — $2,500 per month (160 hours of work per month; permanent specialist on your project; any number of projects), enterprise — $20 per hour (a full-fledged outstaff of your project; individual calculation of the scope of work; starting with 160 hours per month). More about prices.
How do agencies charge for PPC?
If the final amount is up to $ 500, our white label company works on a 100% prepayment. If the amount for your project is more than $500, we can split it into several payments — pre- and post-payment. Payment can be via Payoneer, Wise, SWIFT, as you wish.

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  • Только важные новости
  • Самые свежие статьи
  • Актуальные вакансии

В версии 3.0.0

  • новые сервисы: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu и другие;
  • автосохранение списка минус-слов в рабочей области;
  • авторизация для хранения данных в аккаунте;
  • списки типовых минус-слов;
  • возможность хранить пользовательские списки минус-слова в расширении для дальнейшего применения в аккаунте;
  • англоязычный и русскоязычный интерфейс.

Основные комбинации

  • LeftMouseClick для добавления слова, повторное нажатие - для удаления
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - для сбора фраз
  • LeftALT + S - для поиска слов

In version 3.0.0

  • new services: Ubersuggest (NeilPatel), Spyfu and others;
  • autosave of a negative keywords list in the workspace;
  • authorization for storing data in the account;
  • generic negative keyword lists;
  • the ability to store custom lists of negative keywords in the extension for further use in your account;
  • English and Russian interface.

Key combinations

  • LeftMouseClick to add a word, press again - to delete
  • LeftALT + LeftMouseClick - to collect phrases
  • LeftALT + S - for words searching

В версии 2.0

  • 2 режима выдачи ключевых слов:
  • быстрая выдача - аналогична выдаче Google Planner, но найденные результаты включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы;
  • полная выдача - расширенная выдача, которая включает поиск по дополнительным релевантным фразам, но найденные результаты также включают каждое слово из введенной в поиск фразы.
  • Обновленный файл выгрузки ключевых слов Excel:
  • выгрузка локаций в удобном формате для загрузки в Editor;
  • обновленный шаблон для создания объявлений.
  • Полный список локаций.
  • Группировка отчетов по проектам.
  • Устранена ошибка с задержкой в 30 секунд.
  • Новые фильтры для получения релевантной выдачи.
  • Копирование минус-слов.

In version 2.0:

  • 2 modes of keywords search result:
  • quick search result - is similar to one of Google Planner , but the results found include every word of the phrase entered in the search;
  • full search result - extended search result that includes search on additional relevant phrases, but the results found also include every word of the phrase entered in the search.
  • Updated Exces Keyword Upload File:
  • uploading of locations in a convenient format for uploading to Editor;
  • updated template for creating ads.
  • Full list of locations.
  • Grouping of reports on the projects.
  • Fixed an error with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • New filters for getting relevant search results.
  • Copying of negative keywords.

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3.Что такое СРА?
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